A business that depends on its people must keep them safe and ensure their wellbeing. Safety is our first consideration at Duey Bros Ltd. It is our primary goal to provide a safe and healthy work environment for all of our team.

Our Safety Management System is built around the continuous improvement of our safety policies, processes and procedures. All Duey Bros personnel are safety inducted and receive ongoing training to ensure they know and understand their obligations and can personally support safe work practices on all of our sites and offices. 

At Duey Bros, health and safety goes beyond having procedures and processes in place. We believe it’s about creating a culture of care. 

Care for self, care for teammates, care for the community, and care for the environment. Through this culture of care, our people are empowered to take the necessary steps to ensure their workplaces are safe.

Our proactive approach is to coordinate Health & Safety with our clients and to provide weekly independent site audits.

Duey Bros

Having delivered a large number of projects over the years Duey Bros Ltd have extensive knowledge of all industry products & applications.